Chains have a good safety margin. The final price of the product depends on the length of the segment, the configuration of the scrapers, the alternation of special elements (6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 16-row models are available).

The possible number of scrapers used on a chain is from 6 to 19.

Roller chains of various sizes are used in all designs (the possible chain pitch is 19.05, 30.0, 38.0, 41.4).

Modifications: PRD 380, PR 19.05, CA 627, CA 555D, CA 555 and others can be used as a basic chain.

If you have difficulty with the choice, just inform the representative of PP “Borysivskyi” the brand and the manufacturer of the equipment for which you need to choose a chain, as well as the daily load that the equipment is subjected to. Let’s choose the optimal modification!


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