1. Fixing of heavy loads during their transportation, anchorages, etc.;

2. For the manufacture of fitter’s belts, anti-skid chains of car wheels, well chains, chains for cattle, suspensions, stretchers and other household, industrial and agricultural products (round-link chains for general purpose TU 3148-002-55854806- 2008).

3. In conveyor and elevator production;

4. In various industries as cargo and traction chains at high operating loads for moving cargo.

5. Industrial round-link chains are distinguished by increased strength due to the use of alloy steel. Thus, electric welded round-link chain 18×64 strength class “C” is used in the mining industry;

The process of making such chains

Welding. The steel rod is cut into segments (the length of such a segment is the step of the chain), heated, bent, welded and subjected to heat treatment.

In this way, general-purpose chains, round-link chains GOST 7070-75 are produced.

Casting. This is how anchor chains, chains of lifting and transport equipment are made (for casting, it is necessary to make molds from polystyrene foam in advance).

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