Drive roller chains

(GOST and ISO)

PP “Borysovsky” always has a complete nomenclature of drive roller chains (single-row,multi-row and special) in accordance with GOST 13568-97 and ISO 606.

Single-row drive
roller chains

Two-row drive
roller chains

Three-row drive
roller chains

Four-row drive
roller chains

Single row drive
roller chains

Two-row drive
roller chains

Three-row drive
roller chains

chain roller

Roller chains
with curved

Roller chains are deservedly
considered the most practical,
because they:

During operation, the load on the chain is evenly distributed. In addition, the pressure on the bearings is relatively low for the power being transmitted;

Due to design features, proportions, manufacturing material and heat treatment of surfaces, drive roller chains can withstand shock loads, aggressive environments and adverse working conditions;

They maintain high efficiency during the entire period of operation, have a wide range of speeds, are distinguished by their compactness, as well as the ability to move sprockets in any direction and transmit power to several shafts;

Easily serviced, repaired and replaced without access to the shafts.

Features of conventional designation
of chains according to GOST and ISO:

2PR-19,05-64 GOST13658-97, where:

2 – the number of rows in the chain;

PR – general designation of drive roller chains;

19.05 – chain pitch, mm;

64 – destructive load, kN;

GOST 13658-97 is a regulatory document

05B-1 ISO 606, where:

05 – chain pitch (in 16 fractions of an inch);

B – manufacturing standard in Europe;

1 – linearity of the chain;

ISO 606 is a regulatory document.

PP “Borysovsky” sells products made of high-strength carbon steel – both according to GOST 13568-97 and according to the European standard (ISO 606). Our partners are reliable domestic and foreign manufacturers, such as BADM (Dnipropetrovsk), Promtehkonstruktsia (Kramatorsk), Krone (Czech Republic), ST, Craft (China), Ditton (Latvia), Renold (England). , Helvic (Italy) and others.

In addition, we will provide the most favorable conditions for cooperation:

  • we will send your order on the day of payment – chains, regardless of the volume, will be delivered to any point in Ukraine;
  • in case of an urgent order, we will consider your request at any time of the day and promptly deliver the chains by train or bus;
  • for wholesale purchases (from 50 meters), we will reduce the price by 5%;
  • we will provide a flexible payment system (cashless settlement, post-payment).

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