Two-row drive roller chains
according to GOST

Double-row drive chains are a popular type of roller chains.

This modification consists of inner and outer plates with pressed rollers and bushings mounted on them.

Rollers are used for smooth movement of the chain (instead of sliding friction – rolling friction).

Chains can be used in a wide range of capacities (0.07-220 kW) at speeds up to 40 m/s, they are characterized by high efficiency and low-noise operation.

The main advantages of GOST
two-row drive roller chains:

  • Very strong. They successfully withstand serious loads, wear out slowly and can be used even in aggressive environments. In addition, they require little maintenance costs.

  • A wide range of applications of chains. From flour milling equipment to silage harvesting machines (КСС-2,6) or beet harvesting units (for example, KС-6B, МШП-6 or ОГД-6А).

  • PP “Borysovsky” presents double-row PR chains of the GOST 13568-97 standard from well-known domestic manufacturers: BADM (Dnipropetrovsk), “Promtehkonstruktsiya” (Kramatorsk) and others.

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You can read more detailed characteristics of cape chains for harvesting sunflowers in the table

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