Chains are silent

This is an excellent option for transmitting high torques with minimal noise (hence the name “silent”). This type of chains is also known as drive toothed chains – an alternative to roller chains. This is an excellent option for transmitting high torques with minimal noise (hence the name “silent”).

Specialists also recommend modifications with a friction-rolling joint for the construction of high-speed transmissions on transport equipment or industrial machines.

Toothed chains are used in conveyor belts, industrial machines and textile machines, snowmobiles and other mechanisms.

Features and benefits silent chains

  • The teeth of silent chains are subjected to equal forces during operation – wear of the chain does not affect the quality of the transmission;
  • The specific power of toothed models is higher than that of roller counterparts, and the vibration is, on the contrary, lower.
  • Silent chains demonstrate high smoothness of movement. The links and the entire chain in general weigh little, so the impact during engagement is insignificant;
  • Toothed chains work faster than roller chains (the operating speed of silent models is up to 40 m/s).

Features of anchor round-link chains

A silent chain is a flexible rail with hinged toothed plates that mesh with the teeth of the wheel.

Chains of imported production, as a rule, have an involute engagement (the teeth are outlined in an involute circle, such chains cannot be used in combination with toothed spur wheels).

The links of silent PZ chains are produced by a high-tech stamping method.

Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve smooth and even loading, as well as uniform wear of the elements. Chains with two-way and one-way clutch are available.

To prevent silent chains from slipping off the sprockets during operation, a guide plate is used (it can be located on the side or in the middle).

Technical characteristics of chains

You can read more detailed characteristics of silent chains in the table


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