Inclined chamber conveyors

Scraper conveyors are popular equipment for loading, unloading or moving grain and other loose cargo at a given angle.

Materials are transported thanks to scrapers installed on the traction chain of the conveyor. The design is based on reinforced chains (TRD 38,050 and TRD 38,043, with a breaking force of 5000 and 4300 kg/cm², respectively) and metal scrapers.

Unlike an auger, such conveyors move grain more accurately, which is especially important for commodity food products.

What inclined chamber conveyors are presented at Borysivskyi?

Conveyors are made on bolted connections. Compared to traditional riveted models, such models are easily repairable.

So, if one of the metal strips fails, you will quickly restore the equipment by removing or replacing the components. You only need a pair of wrenches to replace. You can also order conveyors on galvanized rivets.

Conveyors for the most popular brands of combines (“DON”, “NYVA”, “Slavutich”, “Yenisei”, “AKROS”, “VEKTOR”) are available. The number of used scrapers is from 44 to 56, the average length of conveyors is 2800-3500 mm.

Technical characteristics of chains

You can read more detailed characteristics of inclined chamber conveyors in the table


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