Roller chains with curved plates

In adverse operating conditions, when ordinary chains simply break due to loads, roller chains with curved plates are used (GOST 13568-97).

The main difference of this kind of products is the use of bent steel (alloy) plates in the structure.

External and internal links in these chains
are made in the same size, as a result, during operation, the wear of the links is uniform.

In cases of dynamic loads (with strong impacts, frequent reverses, etc.), the chain does not break – the product simply changes its shape (straightens up).

Advantages of chains with curved plates

  • They do not slip (similar to belt drives);
  • They give less load on the shafts (at the same time, chain tension is not required in advance);
  • They transmit motion between the shafts with significant interaxial distances;
  • Demonstrate high efficiency;
  • They work smoothly even in conditions of frequent starts and braking, and are easily replaced if necessary.

Technical characteristics of chains

You can familiarize yourself with the more detailed characteristics of drive roller chains in the table


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