Three-row drive roller chains according to GOST

Three-row drive roller chains (GOST 13568-97) guarantee reliable engagement with the sprocket and at the same time have very high strength.

Large hinge areas are combined with low weight and dimensions. Transmitted power ranges from 0.07 to 220 kW.

Such chains work smoothly under almost any conditions and cope with the highest loads.

Where are the drive roller three-row chains GOST used?

Most often, three-row ones are used in such special equipment as: excavators, bulldozers, forklifts, loaders, lifting cranes, conveyors, etc. conditions of heavy physical exertion.

So, the value of the breaking force is from 45.4 (3PR-12.7-45.4) to 680.4 (3PR-50.8-680.4).

PR chains according to the standard of GOST 21834-87 are used in the oil production industry and have an even higher breaking force – from 195 (3TP-25, 4-195, where TP is the abbreviation “heavy type”) to 1290 ( 3NP-63, 5-129).

Design features of three-row roller chains:
increased length of rollers;
the presence of additional elements (connecting or transitional links, intermediate plates, etc.).

Technical characteristics of three-row chains

You can familiarize yourself with the more detailed characteristics of drive roller chains in the table


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