Plate chains

Plate chains (GOST 588-81) are used in domestic and imported machinery: in excavators and combines, road equipment and conveyor lines.

Features and advantages of traction plate chains

  • Collapsible (with solid roller) and non-collapsible modifications are available.
  • Depending on the design, there are bush chains, roller chains, roller chains with smooth rollers and roller chains with flanges on the rollers. Popular standard sizes: M40, M63, M112, M 250 where the number means breaking force (kN).
  • Chains work efficiently even at elevated temperatures and at high speeds.);
  • If necessary, plate chains with protruding rollers and additional elements can be ordered to add strength to the structure. Chains are supplied with mounting holes in the plates.

Technical characteristics of chains

You can read more detailed characteristics of traction plate chains in the table


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