Roller chains for conveyors and elevators

Most often, these chains are used for mechanical transmission in conveyors, traction fragments of conveyors, animal husbandry and other branches of agriculture.

Available are chains with different configurations of special links (these links are used for attaching auxiliary objects, for example, scrapers, pipes or tapes) and with different steps of alternating special links with legs.

Available modifications with breaking force from 3000 to 5600 kg.

Popular names include:

Chains with straight or octagonal plates;

The possible step of alternating special links with quotes: 4t, 8t, 12t; 2t, 4t, 8t; 2t, 4t, 6t, 8t, 10t; 1t and other variations.

Flat-chain and long-chain.
TRD 38.0 chain (roller long link chain, GOST 4267-78) is one of the most common types of chains for conveyors and elevators of domestic production.

Possible modifications: TRD-38.0-4400-1-2-8-2, TRD-38.0-4400-2-2-6-8, TRD-38.0-4400-1-2-8-4, TRD-38.0-4400 -2-2-6-4, TRD 38.0-4400-2-2-6-6;

Technical characteristics of chains

More detailed characteristics of drive roller chains for conveyors and elevators can be found in the table


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