Round-link anchor chains

Today, round-link anchor chains (GOST 228-95) are used not only in the fleet, but also for the needs of oceanic oil platforms, floating docks, wharves, barges and other similar areas.

Anchor chains are used in many other economic sectors: mining and metallurgy, forestry and fishing, in agriculture, if the chains will be subjected to heavy loads during operation.

Features of anchor round-link chains

Ship’s anchor chains are connected using a “Kentera” connecting link made of several loops (the length of the latter must be at least 25 mm and not more than 27 mm).

To prevent twisting of the chain, the anchor bow (attached to the anchor) must contain a swivel.

If the caliber of the chain links is more than 15 mm, they are provided with buttresses (transverse struts increase the strength of the link by 20%).

Technical characteristics of chains

You can read more detailed characteristics of round-link anchor chains in the table


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