Round-link cargo and traction chains

Cargo and traction chains are an indispensable tool for moving large loads, rigging and other similar operations.

Such chains are almost three times stronger than metal cables of the same diameter.

Traditional areas of application are conveyors, escalators, bucket elevators, coal harvesters, mechanisms with motor and manual drive, various branches of animal husbandry, forestry, oil extraction and fishing industry.

Advantages of round-link traction cargo chains

  • Ability to sling loads with sharp edges;
  • Flexibility and mobility, ease of repair;
  • Resistance to aggressive environment, service life – at least 10 years.
  • High wear resistance and strength;

What to pay attention to when choosing round-link cargo and traction chains?

When choosing equipment, the size of the link (pitch), the diameter of the rod from which the links are made (caliber) and the breaking load of the links are of decisive importance.

Among the most common types of chains are:
1. Chains of quality class “3” (according to TU U 28.7-31226457-006: 2008). Chain caliber (mm) – from 4 to 11; breaking load (kN) – from 8 to 63;

2. Long-link cargo and traction chains (according to TU U 28.7-31226457-006:2008). Caliber – from 4 to 16 mm, destructive load – from 6.3 to 100 kN;

3. Normal strength, short-link, from low-carbon steel (GOST 2319-81). Chain caliber (mm) – from 4 to 42; breaking load (kN) – from 8 to 680;

Technical characteristics of chains

You can read more detailed characteristics of round-link cargo and traction chains in the table


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