Rubber cord scrapers and metal combs for conveyors

This section contains spare parts for conveyors (combines, agricultural loaders, grain and grain elevators) – scrapers and combs of various thicknesses and configurations.

Popular names include:

Rubber cord scrapers on the conveyor are an integral part of the elevator. They are attached to the conveyor chain with bolts and the ears (grain) are fed to the distribution auger or grain hopper.

The product is made of a rubber cord tape of a given thickness (11-14 mm) – the optimal solution for reducing the fight of grain, seeds and other products.

Metal combs for conveyors Available – toothed bars (combs) for agricultural conveyors with an inclined chamber. The possible thickness of metal models is 3 and 4 mm.

Features of the assortment

The basis of rubber cord scrapers is fabric pads with layers of rubber (synthetic, natural or combined fibers are used).

The cover is made of rubber or synthetic materials. The scrapers are painted with powder paint.

In stock – scrapers for top, beet and root harvesting machines, beet loaders and other equipment of Ukrainian, Russian and European production (“DON”, “NYVA”, “Slavutich”, “Yenisei”, ZM-60, CLAAS, JohnDeere) . All popular sizes are in stock: 120×71, 150×75, 200×100, 250×100, 300×100 and others. Scrapers have holes for quick attachment (6, 8 and 10 mm).


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