Special chains with hollow rollers

The use of special chains with hollow rollers is the best solution for reducing the weight of chain links, installing additional equipment, fasteners and other elements (attachments).

Such chains are primarily indispensable when performing tasks related to the transportation of various types of products: in conveyors, packaging equipment, elevators, etc.

What is special about special chains with hollow rollers?

According to their parameters, they practically do not differ from standard roller wheels.

The main innovation is the presence of empty rollers. Through tubular rollers, with the help of rollers, you can connect adjacent chains and form conveyors of various types.

The traditional material for manufacturing chains with hollow rollers is carbon steel. If necessary, it can be replaced with stainless steel

Drive roller chains made of stainless steel (A2, A4) are often used in the food industry, in conditions of operation in an aggressive environment (humidity, acidity, salts, etc.), i.e., where an ordinary chain will not be able to function for a long time.

Holes in the fingers of the drive chain are intended for the installation of additional devices. Due to the use of hollow rollers, the weight of the chain links is also reduced.

Technical characteristics of chains

With more detailed characteristics of special chains with hollow rollers, you can familiarize yourself with the table


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