Sprockets for drive wheels

Thanks to teeth of different sizes, it is possible to achieve the desired engagement of the elements of the drive system and smooth sliding of the chain.

As a result, sprockets (leading and driven) and drive chain form a reliable chain transmission – what is needed for high machine power and required efficiency indicators!

What sprockets for chains does our company sell?

With a core with a draft hole Popular models with a pre-made hole of minimum diameter. The final finishing of the part is performed by the customer: the diameter of the hole increases, the keyway is hollowed out.

Flat This type of parts (crowns) is delivered without a hub – this allows you to minimize the mass of spare parts and their cost. There is a draft hole that can be drilled to the required parameters.

With a nut for a conical sleeve. Parts of this type are immediately ready for installation – the sprockets do not require additional processing, which minimizes time costs.

With hardened teeth Reliable models of increased strength (made of hardened steel).

For two single-row chains Double models with a draft hole are optimal for chains moving in opposite directions.

Technical characteristics of sprockets for drive wheels

You can read more detailed characteristics of the stars in the table


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