Cape chains for harvesters

The correct choice of such wheels will allow you to use harvesters with 100%

efficiency, as well as to reduce losses during harvesting to a minimum.

Cape chains for
harvesters for harvesting

Cape chains for
harvesters for harvesting

Cape chains: prices and
features of the assortment

In stock – domestic and imported chains for corn and sunflower harvesters of popular modifications:

  • Capello (chains of 50, 72 links, chains with a chrome-plated shaft);

  • Claas (chains with 70, 80 links);

  • Fantini (chains of 62, 76 links);


  • Case (chains of 48 links), OlimacDrago (chains of 56 links, modifications with a chrome shaft), Oros and others.

Chains have a good safety margin. The final price of the product depends on the length of the segment, the configuration of the scrapers, the alternation of special elements (6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 16-row models are available).

The possible number of scrapers used on a chain is from 6 to 19.

Roller chains of various sizes are used in all designs (the possible chain pitch is 19.05, 30.0, 38.0, 41.4).

Modifications: PRD 380, PR 19.05, CA 627, CA 555D, CA 555 and others can be used as a basic chain.

If you have difficulty with the choice, just inform the representative of PP “Borysivskyi” the brand and the manufacturer of the equipment for which you need to choose a chain, as well as the daily load that the equipment is subjected to. Let’s choose the optimal modification!

How to make an order?

Here are some more bonuses for our customers:

1. We understand how important it is to maintain the functionality of equipment and prevent equipment downtime. You can order the necessary components at any time – we work 7 days a week.

2. We offer a 5% discount for bulk orders (chains are supplied in coils of 50 meters).

3. We ship the ordered chains every day, immediately after receipt of payment. You choose the transport company yourself (“Nova Poshta”, “Delivery”, SAT, “Night Express”, “Intime”, “Günsel”). Post-payment is possible.

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