Grain and ear scraper conveyors

A reliable assistant for moving grain, ears of corn and other agricultural materials – conveyors with rubber scrapers (they are the main driving element of the design).

This is a relatively light (average weight is 60-80 kilograms) and productive (up to 400 tons/hour) type of equipment.

Installation of scraper conveyors can be carried out at ground level (on special stands) and above ground (using a transport bridge).

Scraper conveyors: prices, modifications,

The warehouse offers a large selection of grain and grain elevators for DON, NYVA, Slavutich, Yenisei, Vector, AKROS, OVS-25 cleaners and other equipment. The average length of conveyors is 2800-3500 mm. The equipment uses from 44 to 56 rubber scrapers.

The design of the conveyors is based on reinforced chains TRD 38.0 2-2-6-4 and TRD 38.0 2-2-6-6. Conveyors can be assembled using bolted (more practical in operation, easily restored) or riveted (this option is more affordable) connections.

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With more detailed characteristics of grain and grain scraper conveyors, you can read the table

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1. We understand how important it is to maintain the functionality of equipment and prevent equipment downtime. You can order the necessary components at any time – we work 7 days a week.

2. We offer a 5% discount for bulk orders (chains are supplied in coils of 50 meters).

3. We ship the ordered chains every day, immediately after receipt of payment. You choose the transport company yourself (“Nova Poshta”, “Delivery”, SAT, “Night Express”, “Intime”, “Günsel”). Post-payment is possible.

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