Single-row drive roller chains
according to ISO

A single-row chain is the simplest and most popular type of chain. Such modifications are used in conveyors, agricultural machinery, industrial and drilling equipment.

Thanks to single-row chains, it is possible to convert the speed of rotation and transfer the movement from the drive shaft to the drive. The design of single-row drive models is as simple as possible.

The chain consists of outer plates with a roller pressed into them, inner plates with a pressed sleeve (loosely fitted on the roller) and a roller, thanks to which rotational motion is transmitted by means of rolling friction.

The main advantages of single-row
ISO drive roller chains:

  • The most simple and reliable type of chains

  • Thanks to the uninterrupted rotation of the rollers, high efficiency is ensured.

  • Low weight and dimensions combined with large hinge areas

  • Wide power and speed range

  • Low noise level during operation

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Long service life

Popular names include:

05B-1 (pitch, mm: 8.0; width, mm: 3; roller, mm: 5.0; finger, mm: 2.31; plate thickness, mm: 0.80/0.70; breaking force, H: 5100);

06B-1 (pitch, mm: 9.525; width, mm: 5.72; roller, mm: 6.35; finger, mm: 3.28; plate thickness, mm: 1.27/1.03; breaking force, H: 10000; 12V-1 (pitch, mm: 19.05; width, mm: 11.68; roller, mm: 12.07; finger, mm: 5.72; plate thickness, mm: 1.85/1.70; tensile strength, N: 31400) and others.

ISO single-row roller drive chains are available, made of high-strength carbon steel according to the European standard (ISO 606).

We sell the products of reliable domestic and foreign manufacturers: BADM (Dnipropetrovsk), Promtehkonstruktsia (Kramatorsk), Krone (Czech Republic), ST, Craft (China).

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