Special chains

The supply of special chains for specific equipment or for work in difficult conditions is an important area of activity of our company.

Special chains with

Special chains with
hollow rollers

Special chains
elongated fingers

Which of the special chains
are most in demand?

  • Conveyor chains of various sizes for transporting products

  • Traction chains are collapsible with a rotating or fixed roller

  • Chains for the woodworking industry

  • Chain chains with flanges on rollers with bearings

  • For combines, elevators and other agricultural machines

  • Drive chains made of stainless steel

  • Chains are galvanized from carbon steel

  • Chains are twisted from galvanized carbon steel wire using special technologies

  • Chains for asphalt production equipment

A few more reasons to order special
chains from us

1. We have been supplying chains for more than 15 years, so we can offer products from the world’s best manufacturers from Ukraine (BADM, Promtehkonstruktsia), China (ST, Craft), the Czech Republic (Krone), Latvia (Ditton) and other countries.

2. Wholesale buyers (when ordering from 50 meters of chain) – 5% discount.

3. In the company’s own warehouse – the widest selection of specialized chains with high wear resistance, capable of working productively even in extreme conditions.

4. We promptly process orders, deliver products to any point in Ukraine.

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