Traction chains

Traction chains are used in heavy processes to move goods – for example, on conveyors

Traction chains with
closed rollers

Traction chains with open

Traction chains: price, range, features

Traction tool of increased strength, has maximum flexibility and light weight. Such chains of horizontal movement of materials at different angles are used. They consist of axes and plates. This type of chain is characterized by a large step (the side plates fix the conveyor belt).

Like plate ones, they are designed for transporting goods in a horizontal position. Chains with a fixed or rotating roller are available.

(short-chain or long-chain). They are used for lifting the load, as well as for its suspension.

Peculiarities of notation of chains

Chain names – G25-5-25, G63-5-35, G1000-1-10, G250-5-60 – you can check with the manager. In addition, we sell loose collapsible and easily collapsible chains.

Such modifications are used as traction bodies in scraper conveyors and other lifting and transport equipment (including mechanisms with a reversing mode).

Chains of this type are also used as traction bodies of continuous passenger transport or in lifting and transport equipment of a continuous cycle.

Fields of application of traction chains: woodworking, forest industry, agriculture, road and construction machinery.

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So that the equipment is not idle for a single day, urgently call our manager! We will send the chains on the day of payment by a transport company (“Nova Poshta”, “Delivery”, SAT, “Gyunsel”, “Night Express”), by bus or train.

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