Traction chains with
closed rollers

The main field of application of these chains is lifting mechanisms. Chains are used in combination with blocks (the minimum diameter of the block should be D1min=5t, where t is the pitch of the chain used).

The design includes links formed from plates with the help of smooth rollers (at the same time, the plates completely cover the rollers, hence the name “closed”).

Traction chains with closed rollers are suitable for operation in cold and temperate climates.

What traction chains with closed
rollers do we realize?

Available – modifications of traction chains.

  • Without connecting elements;

  • With end plates at one or both ends of the chain segment;

  • With a connecting roller on one or both ends of the chain segment;

  • With a connecting roller at one end and a plate at the other end of the chain length.


Unlike chains with open rollers, these modifications can be operated exclusively on smooth blocks.

All chains, regardless of the configuration, after assembly are stretched by technological load – you can be sure of the high quality of the materials

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of chains

You can find more detailed characteristics of traction chains with closed rollers in the table

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