Double-row drive roller chains according to ISO

Double-row drive chains are an indispensable element of power transmission or transportation of massive loads. They make it possible to efficiently transfer mechanical energy from the driving shaft to the driven shaft in units with a powerful torque, and at the same time have excellent wear resistance.

When choosing products, it should be taken into account: for better transmission of torque, it is necessary that the rollers “sink” well between the teeth of the sprockets. To do this, pay attention to three main parameters: the distance between the inner plates, the pitch of the chain and the amount of destructive load on the chain.

The main advantages of drive roller double-row ISO chains:

  • The double-row PR chain is characterized by special strength, the ability to withstand heavy loads and effective work in an aggressive environment.
  • High efficiency, acceptable level of noise during operation, simplicity and low maintenance costs, low wear of sprockets and the chain itself.
  • The ISO standard provides for increased wear resistance and longer service life due to the manufacture of high-strength carbon steel chains
  • We implement double-row chains of ISO 606 standard from well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, such as BADM (Dnipropetrovsk), “Promtehkonstruktsiya” (Kramatorsk), Krone (Czech Republic), ST, Craft (China).

Technical characteristics of double-row chains

You can familiarize yourself with the more detailed characteristics of drive roller chains in the table


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