Long chain roller chains

Long-link chains (TRD) are an integral element of the mechanism of conveyors, elevators or transporters of agricultural equipment, aggregates and combines.

The construction of these chains is simple: special links with legs for attaching working elements (for example, bars or scrapers) alternate with links of roller long-link chains in a given order.

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Features of drive roller long-link chains:

Long-link roller chains for conveyors and elevators are produced from hardened steel grades that meet the requirements of GOST 4267-78 and ISO 1275. The plates have an additional passive protective coating.

Each chain configuration has a special designation – for example: TRD-38-4400-2-1-10-6 (where TRD is a conveyor roller long-link chain, 38 is the chain pitch, specified in millimeters, 4400 is a destructive load chain, 1 is the performance, 10 is the diameter of the holes in the special links, and 6 is the step of their rotation).

Depending on future operating conditions, long-chain chains may have different configurations:

  • with one shaped leg parallel to the hinge axes;
  • with one simple leg parallel to the hinge axes;
  • with two elements parallel to the hinge axes;
  • with two legs perpendicular to the hinge axes.

Technical characteristics of long-chain chains

You can familiarize yourself with the more detailed characteristics of long-chain chains in the table


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