Three-row drive roller chains according to ISO

We have a large selection of three-row chains. This is the best option for torque transmission in various machines and mechanisms (in agricultural and railway machinery, in oil production and mining industry).

Most often, a three-row chain is used at low speeds to transfer motion from the gearbox to the conveyor drive.

Decide on a modification, specify the required volumes and place an order on the website. We will deliver products to any region of Ukraine with the help of transport companies (“Nova Poshta”, “Intime”, “Gyunsel”, etc.). Bulk buyers (from 50 meters) – 5% discount!

What drive roller three-row chains (ISO) do we sell?

You can order chains from domestic (BADM, “Promtehkonstruktionsiya”) and foreign (Krone, ST, Craft) manufacturers at PP “Borysovsky”.

Three-row chains of the ISO standard include such sizes as 06B-3, 08B-3, 10B-3, 12B-3, 16B-3, 20B-3, 24B-3, 28B-3, 32B-3, 40B- 3, 48B-3.

Chains are reliable, serve for a long time and do not require special maintenance, while ensuring a low level of noise during operation.

Euro-standard chains are delivered in boxes in lengths of 5 meters. As for bulk purchase (from 50 m), a 5% discount is made, the products are supplied in coils of 50 meters.

In addition, you can purchase additional connecting and transitional links.

Technical characteristics of three-row chains

You can familiarize yourself with the more detailed characteristics of drive roller chains in the table


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