Traction chains with open rollers

This type of short-step chain is used to transmit high forces – for example, as lifting and transport equipment (manually or mechanically controlled) or dam installations.

The construction of traction-type chains is relatively simple: an even number of plates connected to each other by rollers on hinges.

The ends of these rollers can be splinted or riveted. Chains work on smooth blocks or sprockets.

What traction chains with open rollers do we sell?

We implement chains of several types:

  • The connecting roller is located at one end of the segment (in some cases, an extended roller is added);
  • The connecting roller is located at one end, the end plate and the end roller are located at the other;
  • The connecting roller is located at one end, the end plate, the end roller and the extension roller are at the other
  • In addition, chains can be equipped with connecting elements, for example, extended or connecting rollers with bushings. In stock – chains with a popular step index (20-120 mm).

Technical characteristics of chains

You can find more detailed characteristics of traction chains with open rollers in the table


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